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In January 1935, eight employees of the Shell Refinery in Wood River, IL, banded together to form Shell Wood River Federal Credit Union. The eight deposited a total of $57.00. The credit union was established to provide low-cost financial services to Shell employees and their families. Over the years other groups have joined our field of membership.

In April 2000, the Board of Directors decided to chart a new course for the credit union, one that would enable us to continue to grow and to stay competitive by providing new and better services for our membership. A Community Charter was a major step in that direction. This charter will enable us to diversify by adding new members throughout Madison County, Ill. Today anyone who lives, works or attends school in Madison County, Ill, is eligible to join.

To better reflect our field of membership in October 2001, the Board of Directors decided to make another change. A name change- . The new name, which features the word "community," better reflects our field of membership and will enable us to continue to grow.

From the very beginning, we've never forgotten that our members are our most important asset. Our philosophy is simple; " is committed to providing quality financial services in an efficient and friendly manner, while maintaining a strong financial position."

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